Qeha and Edfina Factory in El Sadat City

The project is by one of the company founders prof. Wild El Kammash

Project Synopsis

1.    Revit Modelling LOD 400

2.    Zero Clash Shop Drawings

3.    BIM for industrial plant.

Project Objective

The 3D modelling for all the industrial processes in the plant including pipes, supports, heat exchangers and all other specific equipment.

Project Summary

The Project is located in El Sadat City and it includes many factories to fulfil local need.


1.    Industrial towers.

2.    Cable routing.

3.    Piping routing.

4.    Heat exchangers.

5.    Special equipment and silos.

Type Of Building: Industrial building.

BIM LOD: 400

Unit of measurement: mm (SI units)

Project Deliverables

1.    All systems Revit Model (.rvt file)

2.    Zero clash piping workshop drawing with family creation LOD400.

3.    PFD and P&ID diagrams.

4.    Plot plan .

5.    Clash detection report.

6.   4D simulation for industrial facilities.