About us


With an in-house team of highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated BIM specialists, Egy House is one of the best BIM companies that specializes in providing 3D BIM modelling services ,Egy House BIM clash detection services will provide data for 3D construction models task specification, cost estimation, energy load calculations, and evaluations of heating and cooling systems.


At Egy House, our mission is to empower the construction industry with transformative insights and precision-driven solutions through advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM). Committed to excellence, we strive to elevate project efficiency, enhance collaboration, and redefine construction processes. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with expert consultancy, we aim to be the catalyst for a sustainable, innovative, and future-ready built environment.”


Egy House aspires to be in a leading global market position through an ambitious strategy by planning, designing, optimizing any building .

Board Members

Prof. Walid El Kammash

  • Prof. Waleed El Kammash is a co-founder at Egy. House consultants and he is the civil works consultant at Egy. House consultants.
  • Dr. El Kamash is the Vice Dean of Faculty of Engineering at Suez Canal University, Professor and accredited consultant of geotechnical and foundation. He is holding the philosophy of doctorate degree as well as Master of Science degree from the Suez Canal University and a visiting scholar of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kansas in USA. He is qualified as a Mentor, Professor at the Civil Engineering Department. In addition to teaching, he is providing consultancy in Civil Engineering, included geotechnical engineering, Structural analysis, pavement design, construction quality control, destructive and non-destructive tests of concrete.

Eng. Khaled Ghareeb

  • Eng. Khaled Ghareeb is the CEO co-founder at Egy. House consultants.
  • Engineer Khaled Ghareeb commenced his commendable career in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) as a General Consultant for the globally renowned company, White Westinghouse. Here, he honed his expertise in numerous HVAC systems, such as single duct systems, dual duct systems, and variable air volume (VAV) systems. This repertoire of knowledge became integral in managing systems including air conditioning, heating, and process cooling devices in the Suez Canal Governorate.

Prof. Tamer Nabil

  • Prof. Tamer Nabil is the mechanical consultant at Egy. House consultants.

  •  Dr. Tamer Nabil has an illustrious career as both an academic and professional expert in the field of mechanical engineering. His current roles include being the Dean of the Egyptian Chinese College for Applied Technology and an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Suez Canal University. He has served as a member of the engineering consultant office of the armed forces. Additionally, he was the Vice-president of the Ismailia Engineering Syndicate from 2013 to present.

  •  Dr. Nabil has also lent his expertise as a scientific consultant to Suez Canal University from 2016 until now. He assumed the role of Executive Director of the academic support office at the Faculty of Engineering at Suez Canal University, demonstrating his administrative abilities. His supervisory roles also involve mentoring student groups in their practical endeavours. This includes his role as the faculty advisor of ENACTUS SCU team from 2014 to date and his supervisory involvement with Un-Manned Ground Vehicle (UGV), Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), electrical vehicles, and hydrogen vehicles in Suez Canal University.


Prof. Ayman Hamed

  • Prof. Ayman Hamed is the main archaeological consultant in Egy. House and he is the main executive supervisor of all the archaeological works.

  •  Dr. Ayman Hamed Ahmed is a specialized Rock and Geological Engineering lecturer at Suez University’s Department of Geological and Geophysical Engineering. His expertise spans rock mass analyses and testing, stone degradation dynamics, restoration of monumental buildings, archaeological site conservation, and stability analyses of geological structures. He also deals with raw material utilization in the ceramic industry.

  • His academics involve a B.Sc, M.Sc, and a Ph.D. in Mining Engineering from Cairo University.

  • Professionally, he has notable experiences including his work as a Consultant Engineer for the Ministry of Antiquities and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. He has also been involved in significant projects such as the re-excavation of Seti I secret tunnel, the restoration of Moses Maimonides synagogue, and stability research of rock slopes at Aswan high dam. He has contributed to several research projects and conferences in his field.

Prof. Basem El Hady

  • Prof Basem El Hady is the main electrical consultant in the office for all the electrical and light current works in Egy. House consultants.

  • Dr. Basem El Hady is a respected figure in the field of Electrical Engineering, particularly in design system areas including lighting, power, fire alarm, electrical panels, and telephone systems. His expertise extends to fire protection systems, plumbing, and HVAC, with a rich portfolio that includes contributing to various key projects in Saudi Arabia and the new administrative capital.
  • Significant projects in his repertoire include the King Abdelaziz tunnel in Nagran, IG Plaza, PARK Yard, Shorouk Medical Center, ACACIA, PUKKA Compound, Elite mixed-use complex, and El Farouk Secondary school for females.
  • Since 2015, Dr. El Hady has been a consultant for Suez University in Electromechanical projects. He has also notably been involved in consultation projects in the Engineering consulting office in Suez Canal University and assisted in the design of electrical distribution athletics halls and industrial zones.
  • In academia, Dr. El Hady currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering, Suez Canal University. His pedagogic contributions include lecturing students in key subjects such as automatic control, computer applications (MATLAB), electric circuits, and Logic Circuits, and much more.

Eng. Ahmed Hozain

  • Eng. Ahmed Hozain is the head of the mechanical department at Egy. House consultants for all BIM related works.

  • Eng. Ahmed Hozain is a seasoned professional in the field of Mechanical Engineering with over 25 years of experience across Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait. He has played essential roles in major projects, including infrastructure and hospital constructions.
  •  As part of the project management team, Eng. Hozain’s responsibilities span a broad range, including reviewing design drawings, contract document quality control, approval of shop drawings and materials submissions, checking variation orders, and coordinating between the main contractor and the mechanical work subcontractor. He also serves as a liaison with clients and contractors in the process of setting up HVAC, steam, plumbing, drainage, sewage treatment plants, and more.
  •  Eng. Hozain has contemporary knowledge of mechanical engineering in the context of design, design review, and construction. His analytic skills allow him to solve complex engineering problems effectively, working with minimal supervision. Highlighting his ability to manage time and work flows, he ensures keen attention to detail throughout each project. Being self-motivated, Eng. Hozain is capable of performing under pressure, showcasing a responsible attitude, ability to work well within a team, and flexibility in his approach to work.